Forum Science & Health: Workshop „Infections and Resistance“

Am 3. Juli 2019 im Kloster Fürstenfeld

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler, Prof. Rolf Apweiler, Prof. Peter Hammann, Prof. Horst Domdey, Prof. Clarissa Prazeres da Costa, Dr. Patrick Rämer, Dr. Hannelore Meyer,  Dr. Ulrike Kaltenhauser (moderation). 

The workshop “Infections and Resistance” at the Forum Science & Health 2019 was lead by Dr. Ulrike Kaltenhauser, managing director of It started out with a fascinating keynote speech by Dr. Hannelore Meyer, who gave insight on the challenges that our society is facing due to the rapid development of multiresistent pathogens. This was followed by an animated and fruitful discussion regarding the consequences this will have on human health but also on the economy as a whole and which kind of measures have to be taken in terms of prevention, diagnostic and therapy of infectious diseases. 

A particular spotlight was placed on the question, how to proceed in order to find sustainable solutions for future generations. An important aspect mentioned repeatedly was the necessity of scientists to share their data for applied medicine and research, even before publishing them. Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler, president of the Robert-Koch-Institute explained: “The data as a whole is more precious than gold. We have to retrieve this hidden treasure in order to help humanity.”

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