Bavarian Research Network

New Strategies Against Multi-Resistant Pathogens by Means of Digital Networking

According to the WHO, antimicrobial resistances currently pose the greatest long-term threat to human health and wellbeing. Many research efforts worldwide are focusing on this issue. 

The Bavarian research network “New strategies against multi-resistant pathogens by means of digital networking” builds on novel approaches within basic research to address and counteract the development and spread of resistance in infectious pathogens. 

Interested scientists can now apply for funding of their research group, which should consist of two to three academic partners or a central academic core facility (in the areas sequencing, preoteomics or metabolomics). A maximum of seven research groups will be funded for a period of five years. research sites in Bavaria

The central idea of the program consists in gaining a deeper understanding of the processes, which take place during infection/colonization as well as the interactions between pathogen and host. To achieve this understanding, a common approach based on the systematic use of modern data networks among the projects should enable all users to take immediate advantage of recently collected data. 

The development and optimization of the data platforms across all projects as well as their user-friendly support will be organized by the managing offices and operated together with the academic teams who enter their data into the network. All members of the network and their coworkers can therefore analyze, manage and share their data via these data platforms.

Fundamentally new approaches

We need interdisciplinary basic research in order to effectively counter the global threat of multi-resistant pathogens. The new research network ‘’ will help to close a major gap in the research and long-term control of these pathogens. Our universities in the Free State have essential expertise in this area. We are relying on their expertise to gain new insights in this field, to further promote the important interdisciplinary exchange and thus to find new ways to protect our health.

Bernd Sibler
Minister of State

Achieving more through cooperation

Through the projects of this research network, Bavaria will be strengthened both in the area of life sciences as well as data management. At the same time, the groundwork for the development of an improved medical care for future generations is being set.

During the last few years, the Bavarian state government has been able to continuously improve the framework and conditions for the research landscape in Bavaria and thereby generated optimal conditions for innovative and novel research fields. The area of molecular biology, in particular, has managed to rapidly react to international trends as well as pick up and advance specific key topics relevant to the scientific community. 

Examples hereof can be seen in the “Bavarian Genome Research Network”, “Bavarian Immunotherapy Network” and “Bavarian Network for Molecular Biosystems”. The results of these funding programs have shown that a network of research projects across all universities in Bavaria always delivered a significant advantage for the development of science and the economy. The outstanding research landscape and the work on topics of special relevance are the two main pillar,s which in their internal and external impact have contributed to expanding biotechnology and molecular medicine as key technologies in Bavaria and making them visible on an international level. 

The research network provides the opportunity to create important conditions for coping with future challenges within and beyond the borders of Bavaria by sustaining and stimulating basic research in areas such as immunology, the microbiome and infectious diseases.